Recovery from Addictions and Substance Abuse

Andy and Susan offer a variety of services to assist recovery from addictions and substance abuse. We are most concerned with making addicts and their family feel safe from judgment or shame. We can evaluate and treat the person with the addiction, or we can meet with family to intervene with the addiction. We partner with the addict or their family, developing a treatment plan to meet their needs. We offer Individual, Relational, and Family Therapy. Groups are typically the most effective modality for addictions treatment. We offer an Adult Substance Abuse Group, and a Sexual Compulsion Group. We are able to do drug screening. We can coach people on attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or Sex and Love Addicts Anoymous (SLAA). We know that people can and do take their lives back from the domination of drugs, alcohol and sex compulsions.


Why we meditate…

S.N. Goenka, Master Teacher of meditation, India teaches:

“A sensation appears, and liking or disliking begins. This fleeting moment, if we are unaware of it, is repeated and intensified into craving and aversion, becoming a strong emotion that eventually overpowers the conscious mind. We become caught up in the emotion, and all our better judgment is swept aside. The result is that we find ourselves engaged in unwholesome speech and action, harming ourselves and others. We create misery for ourselves, suffering now and in the future, because of one moment of blind reaction.

But if we are aware at the point where the process of reaction begins–that is, if we are aware of the sensation–we can choose not to allow any reaction to occur or to intensify… in those moments the mind is free. Perhaps at first these may be only a few moments in a meditation period, and the rest of the time the mind remains submerged in the old habit of reaction to sensations, the old round of craving, aversion, and misery. But with repeated practice those few brief moments will become seconds, will become minutes, until finally the old habit of reaction is broken, and the mind remains continuously at peace. This is how suffering can be stopped.”

This is why we meditate.


Are You Hurting?

The pain of a losing a loved one or of fighting with a family member is very intense. Even if you don’t show it outwardly, painful feelings can color your whole day, week, month or year, sapping your ability to enjoy life, take care of yourself, be productive and make good decisions. There are many tools that therapy can offer to help you with your feelings. For instance, changing the way you think about events or people’s intentions can make a big difference in the way you feel about them. Just getting some feelings off your chest with a compassionate person can be a great relief. Learning to see your contribution to a problem and to identify new options can light the path to greater success. You can get coaching to stop destructive behaviors, or to learn new healthy behaviors. You may simply need a gentle reminder to take better care of yourself. I have even been asked for a ‘kick in the pants’ to help people do what they know they should! Whatever kind of help you need, two heads are almost always better than one. Emotional Intelligence, peacefulness, happiness are skill sets. We can help you learn to be happier, if you are willing to do the work.

Relationship Repair

In the 1970’s the band Three Dog Night sang “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. Two can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one.” Whether you are pretty good friends but the romance has gone out of your relationship; or you’re not able to get through a week without a painful argument; or you’re so mad at each other it’s like living in a deep freeze; or you feel like two ships passing in the night… you’re wondering “Where is the Love” (Black Eye’d Peas)?”

We can help you with regaining the stability and warmth you long for, often even if the other partner is not interested in the counseling process. We can offer you many tools for improving your relationship, such as better communication skills, regaining that sexual spark, addressing compulsions that are destructive to your partnership, figuring out how to parent, co-parent, step-parent, etc. It can be amazing how what can seem like an impossible problem can begin to resolve with the smallest changes in Your behavior (even if you are sure it’s your partner’s fault).

The Healing Power of Nature

For centuries man has recognized the healing power of nature. Recently, programs like the National Outdoor Leadership School have provided hard evidence of the positive effects of nature on mood. Richard’s Louv’s landmark book “Last Child in the Woods” makes a solid case that the woes of society are due to disconnection from nature, and that the solution is re-experiencing the natural world.

Andy Quinn is a therapist who brings people to nature through camping, backpacking and kayaking. He offers regular trips, or can tailor a trip to meet your family or business needs. Andy is a leader of National Sierra Club outings, and serves as a local Sierra Club president and outings leader.

Get outdoors! Let the healing begin with a deep breath of fresh air.

Don’t let addiction rob you of the health and happiness you deserve!

Take back your life! Every compulsive behavior, from drugs and alcohol to work and sex to focusing on others and overeating, has it’s roots in unmanageable emotion, disconnection from safety, love and intimacy. We can help. While recovery must happen in relationship with other people, it is possible to begin in one-on-one counseling with a compassionate, trained professional.