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Let’s Play Nice: How Can We Smooth Out Our Rough Edges

All of us have been touched by warm and fulfilling connections to the world around us. When we feel this way, we know things are right. For those of us that have not much of that, we think that we may be missing something or something may be wrong with us. When we are not […]

Half-Day Loving-kindness Meditation Course, Saturday December 1, 2018

Lakeland Meditation Group is excited to offer a short course on loving-kindness and compassion meditation at the beginning of the holiday season. Loving-kindness meditations are healing contradictions to anger, sadness and worry, and help us to feel more at ease and connected to others. Whether you are new to meditation, experienced in other styles, or an […]

Counseling: What You Need To Know

Family Counseling Services in Lakeland Family Counseling – Once upon a time I had never seen a counselor.  But I was getting desperate- my life felt like it was falling apart and things were getting to a scary point. I became grudgingly willing to see someone in case there was any way counseling could help […]