You have the gift of a certain amount of time in this life…and you don’t know how much you are going to get. Today is the only day you can experience. If life feels bland and boring you may need to discover or rediscover your passion. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas to get you started. What sounds exciting? Break it down into small chunks and do it! Here are some tips:

• Take an Art Class at your local recreation center, college, or private studio
• Plan a Trip to a place that really engages your mind and senses
• Perform in local theater, an open mic event, poetry slam, festival
• Take Up a New Sport or take your sport to a new level by hiring a coach
• Walk in the Woods or mountains or beach or river
• Get Together with Friends that lift you up and make you feel good
• Do One Small Task to advance a cause you believe in
• Play Your Instrument or Learn a New One- jam, take lessons, practice
• Create Something that only you could create in yarn, wood, plants, paint, etc.
• Every Day, Do Something You Enjoy, however small

If everything is coming too fast, and feels too intense, then perhaps you need to nurture yourself with soothing and calming things. Again, there are easily a thousand actions you can do, but here are ten to get you started relaxing:
• Breathe, and Listen to yourself breathe
• Make yourself a Cup of Hot Tea
• Sit Outdoors and observe nature
• Pet your Cat, dog or horse
• Turn Off the news, tv, and computer
• Play Music that eases your nerves
• Take a Walk, bike ride, yoga class, etc.
• Write it Down in a journal or To Do list
• Take a Nap
• Speak Kindly and gently to yourself and others

Try a few; discover some activities that have a positive effect on your day. If you make habits of those, your life will be transformed into something much more meaningful and much more manageable. Notice what you enjoy, what lifts your energy and calms your spirit. Do those things again and again and again. You never know when time’s up. Make today count.