Have you discovered proof that your partner has violated your trust? Or do you have a terrible feeling about the amount of time she spends away from home? Is he hiding his phone? Texting all the time? You don’t need to have proof to listen to that awful feeling in your gut that tells you something is wrong. Sometimes nothing is going on, but if you don’t trust your partner, there is a problem.

Cheating, as well as divorce, has become epidemic. The weak marriage coupled with the work friendship can become a slippery slope into infidelity. Facebook, texting and call phones have made it so much easier to carry on private conversations. People often find themselves in compromising situations before they realize what they are choosing.

What many people don’t know is that marriages often survive affairs. Many marriages are worth saving. In some ways it may seem easier, even more sensible to walk away, but the research shows that most people are not happier after divorce. Rather, they are lonelier, less hopeful and poorer. They have less time with their kids and less happiness in general.

Not all marriages can or should be saved. But before you throw in the towel, find out if yours can. We have helped many people recover not just functioning marriage, not the marriage they had before the affair, but happy marriage. In some cases, the affair can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the marriage because it forces people to address the conditions and behaviors that brought the relationship down. People recommit, correct imbalances in their relationship, and learn to maintain a better marriage. It takes work, and it’s worth it. A happy marriage is one of the very best gifts life has to offer.